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Performance Electronics, Ltd. (PE-Ltd) specializes in the design and manufacture of complete engine control systems for virtually any spark-ignition, internal combustion engine. We offer a complete line of fully configurable, stand-alone ECUs and accessories for everyone from OEM manufacturers to weekend racers.
What is an ECU?
 – ECU is short for Engine Control Unit and it is the computer that controls all of the engine related functions. Each stand-alone system is 100% tunable using our Windows based software and a personal computer. Users have the ability to modify the fuel flow and ignition timing of the engine as a function of engine parameters. PE-Ltd engine controllers work with standard fuel injection and ignition components including aftermarket ignition drivers.

What is a stand-alone system? – A stand-alone system defines an engine control computer that works completely independent of the vehicles stock module. Stand-alone systems typically replace all of the functions of the stock ECU.

What can the Performance Electronics systems be used on?  – The newest PE systems are being used for a variety of different applications. Below is a partial list of where they are being used today:

- Large horsepower drag racing
- Street and show cars
- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for reconnaissance
- Mini Sprint and Micro Sprint fuel injection and ignition
- 2-Stroke fuel injection
- Snowmobiles and personal watercraft 
- Street bikes 
- Off-shore boat racing
- Professional quad and motorbike racing
- Open wheel road racing
- Experimental direct injection engines
- FSAE, Supermileage and Clean Snowmobile Challenge vehicles


One of our main design goals at PE-Ltd is to develop complete packages that are easy to install and use. We strive to make our systems user-friendly so that anyone familiar with dialing in a carburetor can successfully tune a vehicle using one of our engine control packages.


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How to Order PE Products.....

Please contact PE directly or one of our regional Dealers to inquire about and order products. To ensure customers get the correct items, PE does not currently offer an online shopping cart.

 Aaron Bloch

"After using a TEC-2, your system blew my mind. It was even easier to use than I expected. Right now I have 2 extra guys tuning it on our test stand and we're real happy with how it's running. Our initial settings ran it better than the TEC-2 ever did. Hopefully we'll have it on a dyno in a week or 2"
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